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Clea Jones (Sherman) Copywriter

Clea Jones: Freelance Writer

Finding a copywriter is easy. Finding one who delivers when they say they will is a different story.

Yes, there are other copywriters out there. But many of them don’t commit themselves to full-time scribbling. They’re juggling other jobs and while they promise they’ll get to yours… well, fingers crossed.

Here’s my promise: I’m here. I’ll get it done. And I bring close to 20 years of content and digital experience to the table so you’ll be happy with the result.

freelance copywriter australia

Me Before

Prior to becoming a freelance copywriter, I spent eight years at Yahoo!7 in Sydney as an Editor, Producer and Senior Product Manager for 7News and the popular Homepage. While I was at Yahoo! I learnt how to create compelling content that audiences can’t resist and got my head around the ins and outs of SEO and social media.

Before that I worked at Radio 2UE as a producer, drinking lots of coffee and immersing myself in current affairs on the breakfast show with Mike Carlton. Those were crazy days but I got to meet some incredible people and learned to work at a lightning fast pace.

freelance copywriter australia

Island Clea

It’s true… I live on an island! Scotland Island is 600 metres ‘off the coast’ of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It’s home to quite a few scribes and scribblers as well as the odd echidna and diamond python.

I’ve lived offshore since 2010 and it’s full on here sometimes (especially when it’s raining) but the kids and I love our little community.

Yes… we have electricity and internet :). If you’re in Sydney I can come to you, just give me a few extra minutes to get the boat started!

Photo by Scotland Island Home

What about you?

Why hire a freelance writer...

What you want: Copy that speaks directly to your customers and inspires them to take action. The problem is you’re busy and words aren’t really your thing.

What you’ll get: The help of a professional who loves whipping words into shape. The resulting message will share your message and promote your brand, LOUD AND CLEAR.

What you want: Clear, concise blogs and feature articles which are informative, easy to read and compelling.

What you’ll get: Ready to publish content that informs and engages your audience.

Freelance Copywriter Values

I have a couple of people who help me behind the scenes with administration and bookkeeping.

This is what Xhantily, Vynz and I keep in mind when supporting your business with copy.

  • Quality: We strive for excellent outcomes with every task
  • Professionalism: We respect others who are in business and take our work very seriously
  • Approachability: We are real people and our customers enjoy working with us
  • Responsiveness: We don’t leave our customers waiting
  • Honesty: We speak up when things don’t feel right
  • Energy: We approach everything with passion and enthusiasm
  • Evolution: We are always looking for ways to help each other and our customers
  • Giving: We are committed to supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation


What an honour!

After a great deal of hard work in 2020 I submitted an entry to the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, more as a personal challenge than anything else.

When the finalists were announced I was thrilled to be amongst them. It comes down to 600 finalists across more than a dozen categories, from 2000 entries.

The criteria to be selected included the ability to demonstrate outstanding customer service, vision for the future, achievements, environmental contributions and support of your local community.

Pleasing customers is my main goal but I was thrilled to be a finalist in the awards. Being announced as the winner absolutely blew my mind!