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Every word counts

As a freelance copywriter, I spend a lot of time writing brochure copy. The funny thing about this part of my gig is that sometimes it can take me longer to write a 200-word brochure than it does to pull together a 600-word blog post.

This is because every single word matters with this type of marketing.

To put it simply, less is more! A brochure does not have to explain each and every detail of your product or business. Instead, it should focus on how you solve your customers’ problems.

Getting brochure copy right

Your brochure is like an elevator pitch on paper. Its job is to quickly and clearly explain what you have to offer and to get your customer excited about taking the next step.

To help your brochure copywriter produce something worthwhile, think about your customer’s main problems. Ask yourself:

  • What do they need?
  • Why does my product solve their problem?
  • Why is my product better than the competition?
  • When can I help my customers?
  • What can I offer them to make them buy / book / make an appointment?

Once you’re clear on the answers to these questions, let’s chat about creating a brochure to knock their socks off!

freelance brochure copywriter

About your freelance brochure copywriter

I started my media career in 2000, working behind the scenes as a producer at Sydney’s Radio 2UE before taking up an editorial role at Yahoo!7. From there I progressed to become Senior Product Manager for the 7News website, before becoming a freelance writer in 2015.

Need copy for your brochure or other marketing materials? I have worked with dozens of small businesses on similar jobs. Get in touch today for a quote.

How much does brochure copy cost?

There isn’t a straightforward answer. The cost of brochure copy depends on the brief, the product, the size of the brochure and the subject.

You will be asked to share details of your business and project before you receive a quote. Having previous examples and templates to refer to can reduce the price.

Get in touch for a competitive quote today.

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