New terms in copy writing

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The lexicon is ever evolving and new words and terms are coming into play every year. It’s sad to think about fantastic terms like ‘curmudgeonly’ and ‘boondoggle’ phasing into obsolescence but let’s focus on some fresh new terms which are hitting the world of copy writing.

Listicle An article which informs by using a list. Kind of like… um… this blog. Buzzfeed is numero uno on the listicle front. This form of content grabs attention, usually thanks to headlines like ‘Ten reasons you absolutely must engage a copywriter’. People can’t help but click!

Vlog Like a blog, but spoken instead of written and posted to your site using youtube or vimeo. All you need is a camera phone and a smile and you’re on your way. You can use a vlog to your advantage if you’ve got a confident manner on screen.

Click bait Headlines that scream ‘A man ate an ice cream. You won’t believe what happens next!’ catch your eye and attract your mouse, but often they’re a trap and you’re left feeling empty. If ‘what happens next’ is completely boring and believable, users won’t come back to your site.


My favourite copywriting meme!

These little beauties spread like wildfire. A witty meme is easily shared as it’s lots of fun or very moving. It doesn’t have to be an image, it can be a list or a youtube clip which people enjoy or feel strongly enough to share. Memes can be used well to raise awareness of your product, but beware going overboard with funny memes unless your brand is all about hilarity.

Engagement Not the Royal Wedding kind. These days it’s not about how many hits you get to your site, it’s about how long people stay and how many pages they visit. A good engagement score means that your site is compelling, and customers are likely to come back.

Content Marketing The buzz word for the start of the 21st century! Content marketing means giving your company or brand a personality that customers can identify with and using custom content to bring them back to your site. It’s about informing people, not yelling at them about what you can do. Not only does it benefit the customer, but it gives your site cred for the Google’s crawlers.


Clea Sherman is a Sydney based copywriter Contact her to discuss your copy needs.

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