Small Business Copywriter

Small Business Freelance Writer

The world of small business is exciting, challenging and full of potential. It gives you freedom to create an amazing life and to give job opportunities to others. 

With hard work, incredible things can happen… but you can’t do it all on your own. 

Enlist the help of a small business copywriter to define your message and share the right content with your target audience. My focus is on providing you with cost-effective copy with a quick turnaround time, so you can quickly leverage it to grow your business.

Freelance Copywriter for Small Business

Hiring an independent copywriter saves you from struggling with your own content and means you don’t have to spend big agency fees.

Let a writer who has experience working with small businesses around Australia help you create website copy, blogs and emails to win you more clients.

Small Business Copywriting

My name is Clea Sherman. My professional background is as an editor, journalist and digital product manager. As a copywriter, I combine my experience to deliver well-written copy that is clear, concise and on time. 

The clients I work with come from around Australia and from a range of industries. My motivation is to help you find the right words to grow your business and I get a lot of satisfaction from being your ‘right hand writer’.

Past clients

Australian Small Business Champion Award Finalist 2020

What an honour!

After a great deal of hard work in 2019 I submitted an entry to the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, more as a personal challenge than anything else.

When the finalists were announced I was thrilled to be amongst them. It comes down to 600 finalists across more than a dozen categories, from 2000 entries.

The criteria to be selected included the ability to demonstrate outstanding customer service, vision for the future, achievements, environmental contributions and support of your local community.

Pleasing customers is my main goal so I am thrilled to be a finalist. The big night is on March 21st… fingers crossed I win!

Copywriting Services

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Business Blogs

Create original content to share in newsletters and around the web.

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Website Copy

Increase conversions with website copy that talks directly to your target audience.

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Feature Articles

Intriguing, thoroughly researched feature articles for your publication.

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Video Scripts

Moving images + the right words = marketing success. Hire a professional video scriptwriter.

Professional Biographies

A well-written professional profile will boost your chances of getting the job.

brochure copywriter

Brochure Copy

Less is more! But with so few words to work with, you have to get it right.


Have a professional bring your copy up to scratch.

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Email Marketing

Send the message, loud and clear

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Lead Magnets

Get help with your lead magnet so it performs the way you want it to.