Freelance Business Blog Writer

Yes, you should be blogging

Creating a business blog is a marketing tactic used by companies of all sizes.

Why have a business blog?

  • Cement yourself or your business as the authority within your industry
  • Boost your website’s ranking on search engines
  • Engage with your audience
  • Boost your brand voice
  • Share the amazing things your business is doing
  • Answer frequently asked customer questions
  • Demonstrate how your business can help your clients

Your Business. Your Blog.

Before you hit ‘Go’ on your business blog, there are a few things to consider. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do I want to read my blog?
  • How will I distribute my blog?
  • How often will my blog be published?
  • Will my blog be short form (600 words) or long form (1200 words)
  • Which topics will most interest my target customers?

Get in touch and let’s flesh out a strategy for drawing in new clients.

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About your freelance business blogger

I started my media career in 2000, working behind the scenes as a producer at Sydney’s Radio 2UE before taking up an editorial role at Yahoo!7. From there I progressed to become Senior Product Manager for the 7News website.

Since becoming a freelance business blog writer, I have worked with over 100 clients, crafting compelling copy that converts.  As well as business blogs, I am able to craft website copy, brochure copy, video scripts and email marketing campaigns.

Contact me to discuss a comprehensive business blog strategy or to have content delivered that is ready to publish.

How much does a freelance blogger charge?

The answer – it depends.

The price of your blogs varies because of the word length, the subject matter and the research involved.

What I can let you know is I charge a lot less than an agency, which has more middle-men involved and therefore has to push up the price.

Business blog pricing starts at $330 including GST for a 600 word blog post but let’s have a discussion about what you need and how we can include images, email copy and social media excerpts to add value for money.

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It varies but business blog packages from Freelance Copywriter generally include:
✓ Strategy meeting to discuss topics
✓ Strategic SEO keyword research and placement
✓ One image per post (from Shutterstock)
✓ Two back-links (where possible)
✓ Social media intro (one-two sentences to introduce your blog)
✓ 3-4 excerpts to share on social media
✓ Email intro (approx 100 words so you can share your blog with
    your database)
✓ One round of editing based on your feedback


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Business Blogs

Create original content to share in newsletters and around the web.

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Website Copy

Increase conversions with website copy that talks directly to your target audience.

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Feature Articles

Intriguing, thoroughly researched feature articles for your publication.

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Video Scripts

Moving images + the right words = marketing success. Hire a professional video scriptwriter.

Professional Biographies

A well-written professional profile will boost your chances of getting the job.

brochure copywriter

Brochure Copy

Less is more! But with so few words to work with, you have to get it right.


Have a professional bring your copy up to scratch.

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Email Marketing Writer

Send the message, loud and clear

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Lead Magnets

Get help with your lead magnet so it performs the way you want it to.