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Clea Jones is a brochure copy writer based in Sydney. 

As a freelance copywriter, I spend a lot of time writing brochure copy. The funny thing about this part of my gig is that sometimes it can take me longer to write a 200 word brochure than it does to pull together a 600 word blog post. This is because every single word matters with this type of marketing.

What makes a great brochure?

To put it simply, less is more! A brochure does not have to explain each and every detail of your product or business. Instead, it should focus on how you solve your customers’ problems. To ‘win’ at brochure copy, your tag line is important. Consider this tried-and-true example comparing what the Apple iPod is, with what it does: “A hand-held MP3 player that holds 1037 of hours of music” vs “A thousand songs in your pocket” Which one would make you buy the product? Coming up with a catchy opening line can take time, but it’s worth the effort.

Choosing what information to include

Your brochure is like an elevator pitch on paper. It’s job is to quickly and clearly explain what you have to offer and to get the lead excited about taking the next step. To help your brochure copy writer produce something worthwhile, think about your customer’s main problems. Ask yourself:

  • What do they need?
  • Why does my product solve their problem?
  • Why is my product better than the competition?
  • When can I help my customers?
  • What can I offer them to make them buy / book / make an appointment?

When you have answered these questions, your brochure copy may look a little something like this:            ELIMINATE WHITE ANT FOR GOOD Don’t let your home get eaten this summer! XYZ Exterminators are the experts in getting rid of termites and white ant. Operating 7 days, we use environmentally friendly extermination methods that kill the bugs but keep your family safe. Contact us and mention this brochure for 15% off your initial in-home visit.             PHONE 1300 NO TERMITES The copy may look sparse, but as the client skims it they are mentally ticking off the boxes of what they are looking for. They are not overwhelmed with information, in fact, if they want to know more the brochure is inspiration to get in touch!

The importance of images

I am a brochure copy writer but I can’t deny the importance of images when it comes to brochures. Your pictures and graphics must be as compelling as the words on the page or you risk your brochure falling flat. For this reason, you need someone handy with graphics as well as a great writer. Keep people like us to hand – if you’re serious about marketing your business you will need us again! PS: This is the reaction you’re looking for:   via GIPHY

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