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Words matter

More than ever, video is an essential tool for promoting your product and capturing your audience’s interest.

We do not speak the way we write! Employing a professional video script writer will help you express your message the right way.

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Your video: start with a story

No matter what you are selling, your video script needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end. The narrative arc should include the problem, the solution and the result. When done well, this will drive your customer closer to making a purchase.

A video script writer will use a ‘less is more’ technique, keeping the word count to a minimum so as to allow the images to speak for themselves.

Video is proven to improve brand recognition, ad recall and to have a strong influence over a consumer’s decision to purchase. It’s no wonder you see this content everywhere you look! Make the most of your video strategy by enlisting the help of a professional video script writer.

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About your freelance video script writer

I started my media career in 2000, working behind the scenes as a producer at Sydney’s Radio 2UE before taking up an editorial role at Yahoo!7. From there I progressed to become Senior Product Manager for the 7News website.

Since becoming a freelance video script writer in 2015, I have worked with over 100 clients, crafting compelling copy that converts.  As well as business blogs, I am able to craft website copy, brochure copy, business blogs and email marketing campaigns.

Contact me to for help with your corporate, personal or professional video content.

How much does a video script writer charge?

There isn’t a straightforward answer. The cost of a video script depends on the brief, the product, the length of the video and the subject.

Your video script writer will ask you to share details of your project before coming back to you with a quote. You can expect a 30 second script to start at around $100+GST, however if you have already made a draft of the content or if you have clear graphics / visuals to go with the script you may be able to negotiate a lower rate.

Get in touch for a competitive quote today.

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Business Blogs

Create original content to share in newsletters and around the web.

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Website Copy

Increase conversions with website copy that talks directly to your target audience.

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Feature Articles

Intriguing, thoroughly researched feature articles for your publication.

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Video Scripts

Moving images + the right words = marketing success. Hire a professional video scriptwriter.

Professional Biographies

A well-written professional profile will boost your chances of getting the job.

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Brochure Copy

Less is more! But with so few words to work with, you have to get it right.


Have a professional bring your copy up to scratch.

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Email Marketing

Send the message, loud and clear

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Lead Magnets

Get help with your lead magnet so it performs the way you want it to.