How much does a professional blogger charge?

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Yes, it is worth it to hire a professional blogger. Here’s what you get for your money

Professional Blogger, like SEO Expert, Big Data Analyst and Cat Video Producer, is one of those job titles that only exists because of the internet. The reason it exists is simple: blogging works.

What started as a way of keeping an online diary has morphed into a tried and tested strategy for businesses to engage with their audience, share their message and establish themselves as a thought leader. Google blogs. Etsy has a blog. Major bank and hotel brands post regular missives for their audience. Even Coca-Cola, one of the biggest selling products in the world, devotes time to a blog, posting regularly with engaging, creative content. I spent some time last year blogging on behalf of a national smallgoods brand.

I write posts for app development agencies, real estate agencies, tea brands and CrossFit gyms. I’m lucky because I LOVE it.

Why use a professional blogger

If you love it too, go ahead and add blogging to your to-do list. But be warned. . .

As a business owner, of course know your subject matter. Getting this across on the page takes skill. For example, I have a client who is amazing at what she does. The other day she sent a blog to her mailing list and I opened it, excited to see what she had to say. Unfortunately, while her subject matter and message were spot on, her writing style wasn’t. Typos, long sentences and clunky conclusions made her look unprofessional.

A professional blogger doesn’t just write. They research and put together content which can be easily read and digested. They have a good grip on the rules of grammar (although we like to ignore them sometimes) and are pretty good at spotting spelling mistakes before hitting publish.

When I write a blog, I like to pull out some statistics and examples to back up what I’m writing about. I use quotes where relevant and spend a lot of time making sure I know what I’m talking about. I break my articles into headings as this is easier for people to read, especially online.

How long does it take to write a blog post?

This depends on the subject matter. I can turn a blog around in two to three hours if someone sends me bullet points or documents as a reference. If the blog is on a popular subject such as ‘Paying your home loan off sooner’, I can knock something out quite quickly.

The blogs that take longer are on complex subjects and are more hyper-focused to your audience’s needs. They include more information and perhaps even an interview with another industry expert. A blog such as this may cost more but the long-tail headline and attention to detail may pay off in the form of stronger lead generation.

How much does a professional blogger cost? 

This is the big question. Yes, you can pay as little as $40, but this is either a one-off rate from someone looking to build business or it is from an overseas writer who doesn’t have a strong grip on the English language. As with everything in this world, you get what you pay for. Thus the starting rate for a 600 word blog is between $180 and $250. More detailed posts can cost between $300 and $400.

Is hiring a blogger worth it?

I think so! A lot of my business comes from people who have read my posts. Some of these are long term clients, generating a great deal of repeat income. The fact that they come back to me means it is working for them as well. As with any marketing strategy, you need to do planning up front. You should also commit to trialling blogging for at least a few months before you measure the results.

An important part of your strategy is also distribution so you need to figure out how you will share your posts. For me, LinkedIn is a huge traffic driver to my website. Others use Facebook or send email newsletters to their database. The good thing about blogging is it is a low cost strategy and one which you can pull the pin on quickly if it is not generating the leads you want it to.

Why not start with a trial of 12 blogs over six months? Contact me on +614 20 372 532 for more information or view my blog package prices here.

Clea Sherman is a Professional Blogger. She writes on all manner of topics and offers competitive rates. 

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