Copywriter for Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors and Educators

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Professional Copywriting for Therapists and Educators

Freelance Copywriter is pleased to offer the services of a copywriter who has a degree in education and qualifications in psychology.

Make the most of copywriter Will Jones to grow your practice. 

Will can help with:

  • Researched articles
  • Blogs
  • Website copy
  • Brochure copy
  • and more

He applies his training and in-depth understanding of psychology and teaching to bring an additional layer of expertise to your content.

Copywriter for therapists

Hiring an independent copywriter saves you from struggling with your own content and means you don’t have to spend big on agency fees.

Let a writer who has qualifications in education and psychology help you create website copy, blogs, marketing emails that will win more clients and build your credibility

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If you teach or offer therapeutic services as a psychologist or counsellor, you are no doubt too busy to create copy to market your business and build your reputation in your industry.

The problem is that it can be hard to find a writer who understands what you are talking about!

Will Jones has a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Double Bachelor in Education and Performance, making him the ideal copywriter for you and your business.

Based in Sydney, Will is particularly interested in ADHD, cognition, educating children/teens and using psychology and therapy to empower others.

Past Freelance Copywriter Clients

Boost your online visibility

Copywriter for therapists and educators

Sharing your knowledge is essential as a therapist, counsellor or educator in order to build your profile.

However, it can be difficult to focus on this when you are busy with clients.

Get help with copy from someone who has an in-depth understanding of your profession.

Copywriting Services

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Business Blogs

Create original content to share in newsletters and around the web.

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Website Copy

Increase conversions with website copy that talks directly to your target audience.

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Feature Articles

Intriguing, thoroughly researched feature articles for your publication.

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Video Scripts

Moving images + the right words = marketing success. Hire a professional video scriptwriter.

Professional Biographies

A well-written professional profile will boost your chances of getting the job.

brochure copywriter

Brochure Copy

Less is more! But with so few words to work with, you have to get it right.


Have a professional bring your copy up to scratch.

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Email Marketing

Send the message, loud and clear

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Lead Magnets

Get help with your lead magnet so it performs the way you want it to.