Promotional Videos


Adding video to your website will boost credibility, improve time spent and make your online presence more attractive to Google.

Video has the power to attract attention on social media and drive customers down your lead funnel.

Many business owners avoid making video content. It all feels too hard and they don’t even know where to start.

Take ‘make videos’ off your to-do list with some simple promotional, sales and marketing videos from Freelance Copywriter.

Video: the icing on your website cake

You have the copy. You have the blogs and the pictures.

Now add the finishing touches to your website.

Having even a short promotional video makes your site and your business look more professional while giving your users an extra way to get to know your business.

promotional videos


You know you need video to complete your website. But who has the time?

It takes hours to nail the script, find the images and create clips, even with the help of clever software.

Yes, you can do it yourself… if only there weren’t so many other things which take priority.

Outsource the creation of your promo videos to a competent content writer and video editor for videos you can reuse all over the web. We can find the perfect clips and images to reflect your brand, showcase your photos and logo or use a combination of both.

Sales videos, promo videos and more

Let me create professional-looking sales videos which reflect the strong points of your business.

Choose from the following:

  • Testimonial videos
  • Explainer videos / Why Us videos
  • Special promotions
  • How it works videos
  • New product announcements

You don’t have to have your own professional photos or an expensive image provider subscription. Just let me know what you have in mind.


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Business Blogs

Create original content to share in newsletters and around the web.

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Website Copy

Increase conversions with website copy that talks directly to your target audience.

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Feature Articles

Intriguing, thoroughly researched feature articles for your publication.

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Video Scripts

Moving images + the right words = marketing success. Hire a professional video scriptwriter.

Professional Biographies

A well-written professional profile will boost your chances of getting the job.

brochure copywriter

Brochure Copy

Less is more! But with so few words to work with, you have to get it right.


Have a professional bring your copy up to scratch.

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Email Marketing

Send the message, loud and clear

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Lead Magnets

Get help with your lead magnet so it performs the way you want it to.