Want to be a six-figure freelancer?

Is this you?

  • You want to step away from your corporate job and try freelancing but you have no idea how to get started
  • You have just graduated and want to give freelancing a go so you can have an amazing income and work/life balance
  • You have been freelancing for a while here and there but it’s not enough to pay the bills

I can help! Let’s go on a three-month mentoring journey so you can master the steps for real success as a freelancer. 

Boost your freelancing income

What I WILL help with:

  • Finally getting clarity around what you truly want to achieve
  • Showing you how to attract awesome clients and win jobs
  • Helping you set up a marketing strategy that works
  • Showing you how to get repeat business
  • Helping you overcome those shitty mental roadblocks
  • Getting organised in terms of cash flow
  • Planning your next steps to grow your business and your income
  • Helping you figure out how to balance work, life and family, YOUR WAY
  • Holding you accountable to get sh*t done!

What I WON’T help with:

  • Making you an overnight millionaire (sorry)
  • Doing work for you

How it works

Enrol with me for three months and we will have fortnightly video chats to go over your goals, your plans and your action items. 

In between sessions, you’ll get helpful information and updates about practical ways to become a six-figure freelancer. 

You’ll also have any-time access to me via emails so you can touch base or run ideas past me. 

To get started, let’s have a chat! I’ll let you know the cost and how we’ll go about working together. 

Meet your mentor

I’m Clea Jones; copywriter, journalist, blogger and six-figure freelancer. 

Becoming a six-figure freelancer has taken several years and a great deal of learning. I have steadily built my client base and my income so that I can now choose which clients I want to work with and set prices I feel comfortable with. 

The trade-off of my hard work is being able to choose my own hours, decide how much money I want to earn and actually achieve it in months, not years and spending as much time as I like with my partner and kids. 

I have invested a lot into personal and business development and I am excited to share what I have learned with you.

The mentoring I am offering is low-key and personal. There’s not a lot of upselling involved and I don’t want to lock you into a whole year of payments. We’ll start with three months and go from there. 

If you’re interested, let’s have a chat! 

Numbers are limited!

I’m a full-time freelancer myself so I only work with one or two mentoring clients per month. 

Get in touch to find out more today.


What an honour!

After a great deal of hard work in 2020 I submitted an entry to the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, more as a personal challenge than anything else.

When the finalists were announced I was thrilled to be amongst them. It comes down to 600 finalists across more than a dozen categories, from 2000 entries.

The criteria to be selected included the ability to demonstrate outstanding customer service, vision for the future, achievements, environmental contributions and support of your local community.

Pleasing customers is my main goal but I was thrilled to be a finalist in the awards. Being announced as the winner absolutely blew my mind!