Why you need content marketing, even if you don’t need leads

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“But I don’t need leads!”

Some small businesses are perennially busy; in industries like accounting, law and doughnut sales. 

When I talk to these business owners, they often say they don’t need to keep a line in the water because it would only mean having to throw the fish back in. They don’t want to create content because they already have more clients than they can handle. 

If this sounds like you — congrats on choosing a never-die industry. You’re smart and obviously good at what you do. 

However… not needing leads doesn’t mean not needing content. Let’s put new enquiries to one side for a moment and run through the reasons why sharing information is essential for your business at every stage of the game. 

1. Education is key

If you don’t need leads, it’s probably because your books are full.

But clients have a way of keeping you so busy that it’s hard to even think straight. They have so many questions, right?

When you invest in creating content that answers your clients’ most common questions, you can direct them to an article or video rather than typing an email or explaining things yourself over the phone. You can also let them know about upcoming changes that may affect them. 

Let’s say you’re an accountant who has clients who purchase large assets. The end of temporary full expensing changed the way you can claim for big-ticket purchases. If you have an article ready with all the details, you can at least pre-inform people so when you speak to them they’ll know what you are talking about. 

It’s the same for lawyers. Most people come into the legal process with very little knowledge. If you share content on an FAQ page, on social media and in your newsletter, your clients will be better informed during their meetings with you. It’s not only about laws and rules either. You can pre-educate your clients and share content about what you expect from them, so they work with you more efficiently. This means you save time and they save money… win/win. 

2. Get more of the clients you want

Answering the phone to anyone who calls will definitely keep you busy but are you stuck dealing with clients you don’t love as a result? 

If you have a well-defined content marketing strategy, the messages that you share will speak directly to your target clients. As a result, you’ll be able to share a more curated offering and potentially a premium because you have specialist service. 

It’s all about having more of the clients that you want and using content marketing to make that happen.

3. Grow your team

Content marketing can be designed to bring you more leads than you can handle. Once this happens, you will be able to give work to other people. Eventually, you can start to be the figurehead of your business rather than the workhorse. 

4. Be more influential

People who are perceived to have more value are able to charge more. If you follow a content marketing strategy that sets you up as an expert or thought leader (like I am doing, right now), your credibility will increase and more people will understand that it’s worth paying a premium for your services. 

Imagine having half as many clients but being able to charge them double… you could buy a lot more doughnuts. 

5. Recession-proof your business

You may not need leads right now, and that’s fantastic. However, the last few years have shown us that business is a game of snakes and ladders, and things can change in a moment.

It’s hard to know when things are going to stop going your way. You need to make sure you stand out from the crowd, even when you are flat out with work, so that if your industry hits turbulent times you will be a preferred provider.

6. Open yourself up to new opportunities

I’m sure you love what you do, but it’s nice to break it up a bit, right? 

If you put your business out there on social media and other platforms, you can grab opportunities to host workshops, join podcasts and speak in front of an audience. Some of these can even be paid speaking opportunities. How great to have a break from your desk job, travel somewhere different and meet some new people?

Consistently sharing content on social media will also boost your credibility when you enter awards, which is another strategy to boost your credibility and reputation (plus a great excuse to dress up and post fancy photos on Insta). 

But I don’t have time to create content!

I knew you were going to say that and I totally get it. 

But if you can spare just 45 minutes a month, you can come up with a month’s worth of content including an article, newsletter copy and social media posts. All you need is the help of an expert in this area. 

Do you know anyone?

Content isn’t all about leads

There, I said it again. If the phone won’t stop ringing, you can use a content schedule to ease your workload and find better quality clients who are willing to pay more. 

Like the sound of that? Let’s chat. Book a call via www.freelancecopywriter.com.au/contact-a-copywriter.  


Clea Jones is a freelance writer and content creator who takes care of monthly content creation requirements for small business. 

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