Freelance features: Writing about furry friends

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Creating content for magazines as a freelance feature writer is one of my favourite jobs. I love researching different topics and hearing about people’s passions and life’s work.

A recent piece I wrote covered an unusual but surprisingly interesting topic: live-in cats at vet clinics.

You would be surprised at the stories behind Clinic Cats and the difference they make to vet clinics. It surprised me when so many friends responded to my call out looking for practices that have a cat occupying the front desk.

???  You can read the piece in full here:  ???

The article was published in Vet Practice Magazine in 2019. Misty the cat’s owners were particularly pleased to be featured and it really is a lovely story.
I write regularly for Vet Practice Magazine, for Bite (it’s for dentists) and for Restaurant and Catering Magazine. It is always a pleasure to take a look behind the scenes of these industries as a freelance feature writer.


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