My amazing clients: Brainmates

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This is a series of blog posts sharing some of the many amazing clients I have worked with since 2015 when I left the tech industry to start my career as a freelance copywriter. Some of these clients are new and some have been with me since the beginning. I am so constantly impressed by what they do so I want to share their work and their stories.



Brainmates has had a singular dedication to advancing the professional practice of Product Management since 2004. It has supported thousands of individual product professionals and their teams deliver amazing products to their customers. Using repeatable and flexible frameworks for Product Management and Product Marketing, Brainmates helps clients deliver products to market that customers love.

Brainmates has brought product people together to form an amazing community of like-minded professionals from Australia and around the world. They host an annual conference called Leading the Product in Sydney and Melbourne, with the biggest challenge of the event being finding room for the increasing number of PMs, Engineers, UX Designers and other digital professionals who attend.

There are also regular meetups throughout the year when leading PMs are invited to share their insights into delivering the online products which change the world.

Whether you are considering getting into Product Management to start a new chapter in your career, or you have faced the challenges alone for years, Brainmates can support you.

How I help Brainmates

The first time I encountered Brainmates was as a course participant, back when I was a Senior Product Manager for Yahoo!7 working on the 7News and West Australian Newspaper websites. I attended product development training hosted by Nick from Brainmates alongside a group of my colleagues.

A couple of years later, we connected again as Brainmates was looking for a copywriter who understood the ins and outs of product management. Having spent eight years working in tech, I fit the bill perfectly.

For the last few years, I have been the official live blogger for Leading the Product, where my task is to rapidly turn the presentations into blog posts. Check out the pic on the website and see if you can spot me… I also help out in the leadup to the conference by interviewing leading PMs about their insights into the product realm and pulling blogs together.

Leading the Product is a huge annual highlight for me as the digital space remains close to my heart. I love seeing Adrienne, Nick and the team pull together a bigger, better event every year. The only thing better than the amazing information that’s shared at each event is all the smiles.

Attending Leading the Product is also a huge help when I work with different brands as an SaaS copywriter as it keeps me up to date with a lot of the latest trends.

Do you need Brainmates?

Brainmates is doing an amazing job during COVID-19, putting together online events without missing a beat. If you’re in the digital space, even if you’re not specifically a product manager, you’ll find something of interest. There is also a selection of product management courses for individuals or online teams.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

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