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An introduction for my Business Blueprint friends.

It was so lovely to be part of the May conference but I didn’t get to chat to as many people as I wanted to. I thought I would put this together so you can get to know who I am and how I can help Business Blueprint members.

Professional copywriter: The Prequel

Raised in Perth, I attended the WA Academy of Performing Arts where I studied Broadcast Journalism. I moved to Sydney in the year 2000 and worked as a Producer at Radio 2UE, where I learned to get my head around topics very quickly. I covered the Bali Bombings and the Boxing Day Tsunami, and I also met a couple of Prime Ministers and loads of famous faces.

From there, I scored a job at Yahoo!7, as it was then known. After spending some time as an Editor I progressed to be a Digital Product Manager of the 7News website. This job taught me how the backend of websites work: kinda valuable! I helped build the 7News app and created mini-sites for major news events like elections and the Royal Wedding.

Eventually, redundancy came calling. I decided to combine my journalism and digital experience to become a Copywriter in 2015.

The Business Blueprint connection

Dale and the team found me on Google not long after this. At that stage, I had no idea I was a business owner! I was just focused on making a living and never having to commute to the city again.

Over the years, I’ve written lots of promo copy, blogs and email content for Business Blueprint and Bizversity. I also helped edit the books Dale released last year. When my phone buzzes in the middle of the night I know it is Dale without having to look… he shoots through audio messages of what he wants and I get to work.

I’ve loved getting to know the team and seeing how things operate behind the scenes. It was only a matter of time before I graduated to the target audience myself: a business owner who knows they can achieve more.

How I can help you with copywriting

I’ve worked with a lot of Business Blueprint members in numerous capacities.

My primary services are business blogs, website copy, magalog content and marketing emails. I also write:

  • Brochure copy to attract attention to your business
  • Press releases to let the media know what you’ve got
  • Award submissions to prove how amazing you are
  • Proposals to win even more clients
  • Social media posts that pique curiosity
  • Lead magnets that act like… magnets
  • ebooks to position you as a thought leader

Quite a few clients approach me for editing and I’m also getting my head around working on overall content strategies on a bigger scale.

In general, I work on shorter jobs which need quick turnaround. I have a pathological need to be adored so if I don’t deliver bang on time I don’t tend to be more than a day or two late.

I take pride in being reliable and delivering quality work. Because words are so subjective, I’m always up for feedback. Generally, I offer a couple of rounds of revision until you’re happy.

Personally, I’m not huge on reams of Powerpoint presentations and having endless strategy sessions before I get to work. I’d rather just get sh*t done… it keeps the costs low and the results fast!

Coming to conference and working with Blueprint members means we’re all on the same page. It is really helpful because it makes expectations easier to manage.

Copywriter Prices

All copywriters are coy about prices because there isn’t really a benchmark but Luke encouraged me to put some packages together to minimise all the back and forth.

Besides these packages, I charge $75+GST per hour and quote based on how long I believe a project will take.

The other Clea

Outside of work, I parent two boys who are six and two. My husband is currently recovering from a serious illness but he is a permaculture enthusiast and professional brewer with a company called 4Pines (check out their blog, it is interesting and so well written). Ironically, I don’t drink much beer!

We live offshore on Sydney’s Scotland Island. It’s an unusual place to live and there are a lot of writers around. If you’re curious to find out more, I wrote this piece a while back:

Scotland Island Life: the scary truth

Lately, I’ve taken up skateboarding. It has always really annoyed me that I don’t know how to do it but being brave about my business has inspired me to give more things a try.

Get in touch

If you’re in need of a copywriter or you know someone else who is, book a quick chat. I’d love to know how I can help you.


I can’t wait to catch up at the next event!

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