Update on the tale of woe

The latest on how things are going…

It has been a couple of months since I shared that my husband Garrett has been unwell and I thought I’d put together a quick update.

To rehash, in December Garrett’s Functional Neurological Disorder took hold with a stronger grip than Gregor Clegane (GoT reference) and had him suffering up to 40 ‘seizures’ per day.

At the start of the year things were beginning to settle down but he was still extremely unwell from brain fog and fatigue. I wrote about it in this blog post.

What we have learned about FND is that nobody really knows much at all. Neurologists are handed the cases but they can’t really do much except order tests. Some drugs have an impact. Most just have horrible side effects. Garrett’s psychologist deemed him uncrazy, saying stress and depression aren’t likely to have caused his episodes, which can be the case with some FND sufferers.

We saw multiple specialists, Garrett had a zillion blood tests and we spent a lot of bucks but nobody has come up with a real explanation for what brought the condition on. Meanwhile, the most beneficial treatment has come in the form of CBD oil which, while very expensive, had a noticeable effect on Garrett’s symptoms.

Now, you may remember me saying things were ok because we had income protection.

Stop press.

After paying us for three months, BT Insurance decided to change their minds. It’s a bit of a long story but they cancelled the payments with zero notice.

I won’t say anything mean but the news was a really crushing punch in the guts and just so bloody disappointing. Right now, we’re working on reversing their decision for the month of April, when Garrett was still not well enough to go to work.

So a little earlier than anticipated, Garrett is back at his brewer job, three days a week for now.

Meanwhile, our friends, family and the 4Pines team have continued to be incredibly supportive. For me, work is busy, which is great. I’ve also had the pleasure of connecting with some amazing new clients this year. I’m still trying to grow my business, and what a journey it is to do so. But things are pretty good in that regard right now.

So that’s the rundown for the time being. G is doing ok and we’re watching carefully in case things start to slide towards catastrophe again.

Insurance companies do suck after all.

And the kids are great! So cute and driving us crazy 🙂

If you’re close by, we can’t wait to see you soon and if you’re far, we send our love xxx


Photo by Sam Mgrdichian on Unsplash

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