Freelance Copywriter: How it works

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Never worked with a freelance copywriter before? Here’s an outline of the process to help you feel more confident about what’s coming next.

To briefly introduce myself, I’m Clea Jones and I have been freelancing since 2015. Prior to that I worked in current affairs radio and for Yahoo!7. You can read more about me here.

When we work together, we’ll go through the following steps:

Getting to know each other

First up we’ll have a chat about you, your goals and your business. You may have something in mind or you may want to toss some ideas around. We can talk about assets you can share like brand guidelines, other content or target audience descriptions.

You can opt to purchase a package of blogs, website copy or videos, or we can come up with something tailored. I have a minimum $300 charge for initial jobs as this makes getting to know your business worthwhile. However, I’m happy to provide additional content so you’re getting value for money (there is always something else that needs writing!)

I like to find out what the results of your product or service are and how the customer will feel after interacting with your business. This helps me write with them in mind.


I request a deposit on most projects. This is partly to help with cash flow but also because it helps you as the client feel more connected to the project! I’ll shoot through an invoice and you can pay via direct deposit, credit card or PayPal.

You can find out more about my terms here.

Getting to work

I aim to deliver within two weeks of receiving your deposit. During this time, I’ll keep my head down to produce a draft, and will touch base if I need any extra information.

When you receive your draft copy, it is just that; a draft! Included in the price is two rounds of revisions. This will let you add any information that’s missing so I can fix everything up.

Of course, it’s your business we’re writing about. This means the process must be somewhat collaborative. However, our next project will be a lot easier because I’ll have a crystal clear understanding of your business and your copy.

Sign off

Once you’re happy, your content is handed over and we can start the next project!

I’ll invoice for the remainder on sign-off, or four weeks after I have delivered your original draft if I haven’t heard from you.

Ongoing support

Once I’m familiar with your business, it’s easy for you to flick me a quick email to help write a newsletter, pull some blogs together or do a press release for you. I have a number of clients who contact me throughout the month for quick jobs which don’t require a lot of discussion and I can generally deliver within a few days.

Ready to get started?

Book your first call by clicking here.

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

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