My amazing clients: Glen Gerreyn

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This is a series of blog posts sharing some of the many amazing clients I have worked with since 2015 when I started my career as a freelance copywriter. Some of these clients are new and some have been with me since the beginning. I am so constantly impressed by what they do so I want to share their work and their stories.

Glen Gerreyn


At aged 17 Glen was a Queensland representative sprinter set for a promising career in athletics, with a dream of going to the Olympics. Then life took a sudden and dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with the incurable disease, Ulcerative Colitis. His sporting dreams were shattered but he had a choice: let it defeat him, or fight back & create a life he was proud to lead. The resulting decision was the start of an incredible story of hope, resilience and the incredible power of persistence.

Whether he’s talking to someone one-on-one, to ten business leaders or a room full of thousands of students or employees, Glen’s purpose is to get people to really hear what he has to say, and for them to leave compelled to take action in their lives.

Hope: it is the single defining factor for success – in life and in business. When Glen talks about hope, he’s not talking about unsustainable spikes of happiness and enthusiasm. Hope isn’t sitting back and waiting for better days. Glen is talking about lasting change.

Glen’s seminars are inspiring and life-changing. It’s impossible not to leave feeling an incredible sense of empowerment and purpose.

How I help Glen Gerreyn

I saw Glen speak in 2019 and his presentation had me in tears. I was so thrilled when he contacted me a year later to help share his message of hope.

I’ve been supporting Glen as he creates helpful and inspiring materials for students and the people who are raising and teaching them. Having witnessed Glen speak on stage lets me create copy for him with an outside perspective. He sometimes loses sight of the true power of the words he is saying because he’s so used to sharing his message.

Glen is an amazing writer and communicator so he sends me what he has already put together and I review content for him so it is SEO optimised and can reach a wider audience.

During COVID-19, Glen has sprung into action. He is so aware of the incredible impact of this crisis on high school students and has been creating an avalanche of brand new content to help students come through this year having built resilience to change and uncertainty.

One of his recent posts, ‘An open letter to Year 12 students‘ was so well received that Glen had more website traffic in a week than in the entire previous year. It really shows what a difference blogging and sharing your blog can make to your website traffic. I was pleased to help Glen by reviewing and editing this post.

Do you need to hear one of Glen’s presentations?

(Yes. The Answer is yes.)

Glen’s incredible mission is to eliminate youth suicide. He is working to achieve this by sharing his relatable, personable and thought-provoking presentations with schools around Australia. During COVID-19, his services are available in a range of different formats, including online.

This amazing speaker also presents at corporate events with a more adult-focused angle that is still so compelling and inspiring.

It’s usually almost impossible to pin Glen down as he is so busy giving presentations so now’s a great time to contact him for a chat about him presenting to your students or employees.

Email [email protected], call on +61 2 9943 0350 or reach him using the form on his contact page.

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