My amazing clients: Go Global Bookkeeping

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This is a series of blog posts sharing some of the many amazing clients I have worked with since 2015 when I started my career as a freelance copywriter. Some of these clients are new and some have been with me since the beginning. I am so constantly impressed by what they do so I want to share their work and their stories.

GoGlobal Bookkeeping


GoGlobal provides bookkeeping, tax and audit services to businesses Australia-wide. GoGlobal’s fully qualified, tech-savvy accountants have the shared goals of adding value, making things easier and getting things right first time for their clients.

By providing expert offshore financial professionals, GoGlobal helps small business owners, accounting firms and bookkeeping firms to find more time, build their business and grow their profits.

The GoGlobal team is fully trained and supervised and they are REAL people who you will love working with.

With GoGlobal, Bookkeeping just got awesome! They say this because they give business owners better financial control and access to a positive financial future.

How I help GoGlobal Bookkeeping

It was me who got in touch with Scott Trevethan from GoGlobal first. While sending invoices doesn’t seem time-consuming for a sole trader who only deals with a handful of clients each month, I realised it was nearly taking up a full day. Plus I hated doing it! Now matter how I approach it, I don’t like the task of putting my hand out for money (it doesn’t mean I don’t do it though!).

I felt frustrated that I couldn’t afford a bookkeeper until someone recommended GoGlobal. Now I have the wonderful Vynz working for me a couple of hours a week. He organises and sends out my invoices, then updates me every day on what is overdue or who needs paying. And I have my time back!

So how do I help GoGlobal? Well, the owner Scott is a numbers guy and I’m the words gal. Together, we have worked on website copy, a catalogue style magazine and a helpful book for small business owners called Unfunk Your Numbers (You can download it here).

The benefit for me is finally understanding what a balance sheet is! And with my help, Scott can explain accounting and bookkeeping in a way that doesn’t feel so difficult to understand.

Do you need GoGlobal Bookkeeping?

To find out how GoGlobal can help you ‘unfunk’ your business numbers, set you up with a virtual CFO or simply take over the chore of invoicing, book a free strategy call or reach out via their contact page.

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